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The RunStik is great for personal protection when outdoors. Super strong but super light at less than a 1/2 pound, you forget it's there. A heavy duty wide elastic band from top to bottom makes it comfortable to carry across your back while running. The foam sleeve makes it sit still and not jump or rub. But if a dog runs out to attack you, in less than two seconds you can slip it off and defend yourself with the aluminum star striker that will hurt but not injure. Or you can remove the tip sheath (exposing the Texas Toothpick) and be ready to stop any animal that keeps attacking. Great as a hiking pole... use the RunStik on rough or slippery trails. If a snake is curled up resting on the trail, you can use the Texas Toothpick to safely pin-it/flip-it into the weeds. Or, poke the Toothpick into the dirt to take a great selfie (phone clamps, gun rests, gear bags, and other accessories are available at www.neotrekk.com).

$49.95 -- RunStik™ - 42 inches tall with Texas Toothpick - Made with 3/4" anodized Easton aluminum tubing that will never bend or break. Weighs less than half a pound. Even if you add the accessory Star Striker and Phone Case the weight is under a pound. Wide elastic band for a smooth stable carry on your back. Foam top grip can be positioned at your preferred height to work as a hiking pole. The center foam sleeve makes it comfortable on your back. Both ends of the RunStik have a rubber cane tip. The optional carbon "T" top shown in the picture makes the RunStik a walking cane indoors or outdoors and can be purchased at www.neotrekk.com. We make them in Texas. Free Shipping to 50 States.
$64.95 -- RunStik™ with Telescoping Gun Rest - We add a telescoping tube at the top to make a gun rest that you can set to your preferred height. A removeable rubber padded "V" rest is screwed onto the top.
$10.00 -- Add the STAR Striker.
$18.00 -- Add Phone Case.
$15 -- Add the Muscle Roller - Slide the foam tube up and the RunStik Muscle Roller is revealed. Do a therapeutic muscle roll at any time during or after your run.

Features of the RunStik are protected by US Patent.
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